You’re about to learn how you can save time and eliminate the risk of leaks and cracks in your below-ground substructure 

A detailed overview of the little-known method companies are using to save up to 80% on their time on-site, whilst eradicating leaks

Are you looking for the best method of installing a below-ground substructure for your project?

If this is your first time sourcing a substructure, you may have a lot of questions regarding where to start when looking at different methods, or even how you should be constructing below ground.

You may also have had a bad experience in the past with more traditional methods, and want a better idea of all your options before you commence your construction project.

By reading this handy guide, you’ll learn:


  • A brief introduction to below-ground substructures
  • The pros and cons of different methods
  • The average costs of different types of substructures
  • How you can overcome the biggest problems with traditional substructures
  • The best scenarios to use different types of substructures

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