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Why choose a prefabricated steel substructure?

This is the most innovative (albeit lesser-known) method of below-ground construction in the world right now, and has been tried-and-tested for over 35 years.

A prefabricated steel substructure can:

  • Eliminate the risk of leaks
  • Save you up to 70-80% of the time spent on-site
  • Withstand tight tolerances (+-3/4mm)

It’s also a more economical and commercially competitive way of constructing below-ground.

Some Real-life Examples of Previous Projects



Duration on Site:
15 days

Substructure Size:
1no. 75m (L) x 4m (W) x 1.3m (D)
2no. 8m (L) x 4m (W) x 2m (D



Duration on Site:
8 days

Substructure Size:
T Shaped 10m (L) x 3m (W) x 1.5m (D)



Duration on Site:
5 days

Substructure Size:
8m (L) x 3.5m (W) x 6.8m (D)



Duration on Site:
20 days

Substructure Size:
15no. 4m (L) x 2m (W) x 2m (D)

Steel prefabricated Substructures are an alternative to traditional precast or in situ concrete construction methods and can be used for:

Our step-by-step process

Step 1:

You fill out our handy form (or give us a call) to help us understand the basics of your project.

Step 3:

We’ll carry out your free consultation at a time that suits you. Based on this, we can decide if your project is a good fit for prefabricated steel – and you’ll see if  
we’re a good fit for you

Step 2:

Within 24 hours, we’ll be in touch to arrange a time for your consultation.

Step 4:

Within five working days, we’ll send you a free, detailed written quotation  

Why Choose Premier Substructure?  

Aside from the fact we’re the only ones using this method, you’ll also benefit from over 35 years’ experience delivering this unique and innovative way of constructing below-ground.

Our substructures are built to a higher standard than alternative methods, and are CE certified to BS EN1090-2.

Our guarantees to you:

Customer reviews can be immensely powerful. When’s the last time you made a meaningful purchase on Amazon or any e-tailer without glancing at the reviews?

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  1. A full, holistic approach – including design, fabrication, installation and handover
  2. You’ll benefit from fully trained, dedicated employees
  3. We’ll take on full responsibility for your substructures – taking the risk off your team
  4. We’ll always show up and complete your job on time, every time
  5. Our team will dispose of any waste and won’t sign off until you’re 100% happy

Check out this time-lapse video to get a better idea of how our installation process works in action  


GALLERY – some images that showcase our work  

Amazing testimonial from our happy clients

“They were extremely helpful”

“The club looked into getting the in-ground pit built by traditional methods of digging out and shuttering the walls, and then pouring the concrete.  This would have taken about 2 months work and would have to had partitioned off more of the gym.

We went through the design with Premier pits and Continental Sports who were fitting out the finished substructure. They were extremely helpful and delivered their part of the job, the dig out and fitting and concreting the substructure in only 8 days while the gym was closed.

The club were extremely happy with the job and when it came to the fit out by continental they said it was nice to work with the substructure and fit the padding to the edge.

The finished pit is a big hit with all the gymnasts, and all the clubs that visit.

I would highly recommend this type of pit to any other gymnastics club.

Thank You Premier Substructures”

-Jamie Saunders Head Coach – Witham Gym

“Made life easier for our on site construction team”

“We have worked with Premier Pits installing vehicle inspection pits for about 5 years. We approached Mel Burrell their MD to discuss the option of installing prefabrication below ground level for different uses. We were unaware that the group had a division which dealt with bespoke substructures;

 Premier Substructures. Their team engaged with my pre construction team and gave us all the benefits of how they build below ground level. This process made us more competitive than the other main contractors at tender time, gave the end user a better product and made life easier for our on site construction team.”

Paul Welsh – Norwest Holst

“Gave us confidence from the outset”

“We recently engaged with Premier Substructures regarding a drainage project at our concrete production facility in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire.

The brief was to design, manufacture and deliver a large, below ground holding and separation tank that would form a critical part of a wider drainage and water recycling project.

The professional, knowledgeable approach of Project Coordinator Ross Burrell gave us confidence from the outset and we duly placed the order.

The project was big success with Premier Substructures delivering the prefabricated, watertight, substructure on time and within the agreed budget. The fully guaranteed coating and finish to the inside of the tank offers a final touch of quality – almost too good to bury in the ground.

Liam Dighton-Floorspan

Our Trusted Partners