What we do

Here at Premier Substructures, we take below-ground construction off-site, so that you’re able to fast-track construction on-site. We do this using our innovative, little-known method of prefabricated steel, as opposed to more traditional concrete methods.

This results in a below-ground substructure that’s installed on-site around 70 – 80% faster than in situ or precast concrete.

Time not a significant driver for your project? There are so many other great advantages to adopting a prefabricated steel approach:

  • Class 2 welding – eliminating the risk of water ingress, and egress of pollutants
  • Much tighter tolerances – within +-2mm/3mm
  • A safer method of below-ground construction – operatives are not required to enter an excavation
  • Simplified site management
  • Fixtures and accessories – these can be pre-fitted at the factory
  • More accurate costings
  • Significantly reduced risk compared to more traditional methods
  • More benefits to everyone involved in your construction project

Why choose us?

The high-quality substructures we produce today are a result of years’ of experience and continuous improvement in below-ground construction, from the early days of MBE Fabrications.

Over the years, while there has been little innovation in below-ground construction methods and services, above-ground construction has benefited significantly from off-site fabrication, computer modelling and improvements in on-site construction methods.

We’re now beginning to take these above-ground techniques through to below-ground construction, so you can benefit from all of the advantages mentioned above, along with significant cost savings – and we’re the only ones in our industry who are currently doing so.

Since 2004, we’ve successfully completed contracts involving everything from the manufacture and installation of gym landing pits, to the bases for very large industrial machines – and we’re always looking for our latest challenge.

Our five-stage process

In order to provide customers with a reliable and comprehensive service, we’ve developed the following five-stage approach:

Stage 1: Concept

When it comes to developing a concept, we’ll provide you with early help, along with professional guidance and advice.

Stage 2: Design

All designs are produced to-spec by our design engineers using the latest CAD facilities.

Stage 3: Factory build

Your substructure is then built under factory conditions, using innovative techniques, such as lasers

Stage 4: Delivery

The completed modules are delivered directly to your site, on your chosen delivery date.

Stage 5: Installation

Your prefabricated steel substructure is then installed on-site, and back-filled with cement.

Please note that larger scale projects are usually manufactured in module form, before being bolted and welded together on-site

Materials and finish

Materials: All of our fabrication is made from mild steel, stainless steel or aluminum, depending on what the substructure will be used for.


Finish: Outside surfaces – “pink” zinc phosphate as standard. Inside – polyurethane gloss as standard, or to your own requirements

Free consultation

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