“Your Services Are Too Expensive and I Have a Strict Budget”

Are you looking for a below-ground substructure that eliminates risk, whilst keeping you on-budget?

Here at Premier Substructures, we know that many construction jobs mean you’re working to a strict budget, and when looking at your options for substructures, you may find yourself thinking: “We never expected digging in the ground would cost this much!”

Especially if the project involves a temporary structure, it can seem like a lot of money to spend – although there may be ways you can cut some of your costs.

Below, we’re going to highlight the problem one of our clients was faced with when they needed to save money on their project, and how we were able to help.

The challenge

Due to our installation employees working away from home (in 90% of the projects we work on), their daily costs are generally a little higher than the cost of a local ground worker.

Fortunately, we’re always willing to supply upfront information before clients even begin the tendering process, to ensure the right budget is set aside for any below-ground construction activity.

This was the case for the project of Witham Gym, Lovells. As the end user was a gymnasium who was part-privately funded and lottery funded for their new facility, our client needed to ensure they stayed on-budget throughout the project.

To try and stick to their budget, the client was considering a more traditional approach such as in situ or precast concrete. Unfortunately, there was still a risk that the quote may not have been right, along with the additional risk of incorrect tolerances, cracks and leaks.

Luckily, the end user of the gymnasium really appreciated the benefits of a prefabricated steel substructure. They had also been personally involved in a gym landing pit which had leaked, having been constructed out of concrete – and didn’t want to make the same mistake twice.

The solution

During the quoting process, we were made aware of the funding issues, and told that the budget was very small. We were then able to discuss with the client how the process could be value-engineered to help achieve the results they wanted for less.

After careful consideration, we suggested that if they employed a local ground worker to excavate the earth to a drawing we supplied, and go to a local supplier for the concrete, this would reduce our costs (and mark-up).

We always highlight to the client they need to closely manage the contractor they employ so that the excavation is completed correctly. This can cost more with a revisit to enlarge the excavation, or cost them more in concrete due to the excavation being too big.

However, it was paramount that the installation of the substructure itself was completed by us rather than a subcontractor, as we have over 35 years’ experience and understand how to set up and pour the concrete around our structures.

This is something that’s absolutely vital to get right first time, otherwise it can be a very costly ramification process.

As a result of this, we got given the go-ahead to manufacture and install the prefabricated steel substructure that would meet all the client’s requirements.

The results

The client and end user were super happy with the end results on this project. They told us how much of a problem it would have been if they’d gone with in situ concrete, and the gym pit is still in use today – making it ideal for young gymnasts of Lincoln to use.

Witham Gym were very satisfied with the job we’ve completed. The end product looked great, and we delivered on our promise. But more importantly, they enjoyed the service, and liked the way we operate.

“The club looked into getting the in-ground pit built by traditional methods of digging out and shuttering the walls, and then pouring the concrete.  This would have taken about 2 months work and would have to had partitioned off more of the gym.

We went through the design with Premier pits and Continental Sports who were fitting out the finished substructure. They were extremely helpful and delivered their part of the job, the dig out and fitting and concreting the substructure in only 8 days while the gym was closed.

The club were extremely happy with the job and when it came to the fit out by continental they said it was nice to work with the substructure and fit the padding to the edge.

The finished pit is a big hit with all the gymnasts, and all the clubs that visit.

I would highly recommend this type of pit to any other gymnastics club.

Thank You Premier Substructures”

-Jamie Saunders Head Coach

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