“Lambs Flowers’ project was completed in just a week”

Project: Lambs Flower, Surfleet, Spalding

Cost: £14,000

Scope of project: Two units:

  • One x walking floor pit – 9.3m (L) x 1.0m (w) x 1.0m (d)
  • One x Ash Extraction Pit T Shape – 5.0m (L) x 5.0m (w) x 1.0m (d)

Duration on site: One week

When looking to construct a below-ground substructure for any kind of project, time and precision can be main driving factors to ensure things go smoothly and stick to the original programme – without delays or quality issues.

Below, we’ve highlighted one project where we helped one of our clients overcome these challenges using an innovative approach of prefabricated steel, along with the significant impact it made to their project.

The challenge

We were contacted by Lambs Flowers in Spalding, who needed a below-ground recess to accommodate a conveyor. This is where seeds would be located, and would be moved by a conveyor system around their factory.

Unfortunately, the real challenge came from the Surfleet in South Lincs being very silt-based with a high water table, meaning lots of running silt. This can prove very difficult for installation, and it was also very challenge to get a fixed price for an in situ reinforced concrete substructure.

The solution

Lambs Flowers initially approached us because of our reputation in quick groundwork installations – and because their site was operational 24/7, time was of the essence and their project had to be installed as quickly as possible.

Because prefabricated steel is such an innovative method, and the unit required was fabricated beforehand in our factory, the installation went smoothly and took just a fraction of the time to be installed by our installation team – rather than the weeks it’d have taken with in situ concrete.

Our method of installation also allowed the large piece of their workshop equipment to run the part of the machine which was the conveyor, below-ground level.

The results

Lambs Flowers’ project was completed in just a week, and our installation method allowed them to use their piece of machinery to its full potential. It was completed on time, and our client was extremely satisfied with the results.

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