Thinking about trying a prefabricated steel substructure for your next project, but need to know what’s included in the service first?

It’s a good question – especially if, like many, you’re new to this more innovative approach of below-ground construction.

As a subcontractor specialising in prefabricated steel substructures, I’m going to tell you more about what you can expect (as we’re currently the only ones offering this method!).

What’s included with a prefabricated steel substructure?

Here at Premier Substructures, we tailor our service to your requirements. For example, if you wish, we like to offer a complete package, from design right the way through to installation (making us a bit of a one-stop shop!).

This includes designing the substructure to your exact specifications, before manufacturing, excavating the site and then installing the substructure on-site.

Alternatively, we can also tailor our service to your own requirements. For example, if you complete the excavation and purchase the concrete, we can then design, manufacture and install the substructure, before pouring the concrete you’ve bought.

To get a better idea of what to expect, check out our time lapse video below:

What if you want to install the substructure yourself?

In the very rare cases where our clients want to install a prefabricated steel substructure themselves, we generally advise that it isn’t the best idea, due to the risks that would come from not installing the substructure correctly  – it could be very costly to rectify the problem.

Us taking on the installation and the product itself tends to de-risk the lack of skill when it comes to constructing a substructure on-site with the likes of in situ concrete.

Our installers have worked all over Europe, and are happy to travel – depending on how busy we are, your budget and how quickly the substructure needs to be installed will all impact on whether or not we can install it.

One thing is guaranteed – if we install your substructure, it won’t go wrong!

Advice from a specialist subcontractor

If you’re curious about how we might be able to help with your next project, my advice would be to get in touch with us directly – or consult with an architect or engineer first to see if prefabricated steel might be a suitable option for your project.

At Premier Substructures, we try to be as flexible and accommodating for our clients as possible. With one client, Winvic Construction, we worked with them very closely during the tender stage and offered them different options on the scope of works.

We also offered them a variety of different finishes to help value engineer the project and drive down the overall price of the substructures. This allowed them to pick and choose the most financially viable option for them.


I hope you’ve enjoyed reading. By now you should have a better idea of the overall service you can expect when ordering a prefabricated steel substructure.

Here at Premier Substructures, we aim to offer a ‘one-stop shop’ service – but we’re also happy to make allowances for your budget.

We just don’t recommend you install the substructure yourself – our expert team of installers have worked all over Europe, and will be happy to do this for you to ensure the installation goes smoothly.

Need to know more about whether a prefabricated steel substructure might be the right choice for your project?

Feel free to leave a comment below – or get in touch with me directly. I’m here to help!